moon_largeDate of birth: April 27, 2002
Color: Classic timber / buff and tawny with black and cream
Eyes: Light-bulb yellow
Weight: 90 lbs




1. “Goes to Mark” – Holds mark and looks intently with mouth closed and no tail wagging
2. “A to B” – Running or walking
3. “Easy Come” as in stalking prey
4. “Fetching” – Sticks, bones, fake rabbits, etc.
5. “Wounded” – Lying on side as if wounded
6. “Bond” – Turns head and looks at actor in the eyes
7. “Snarling” – Plays snarl game
8. “Jumps” – Jumps from ground to platform
9. “Report” – Hits trainer in torso from ground or platform, used for attack
10. “Down” – Lies down with head upright
11. “Head Down” – Lies down with head on ground as if asleep
12. “Sit and Stay”

Hits attack pads for “attack” scenes
Great fetches from long distances
Best howler
Very sweet “people” wolf, good pack wolf