honey_bump_largeDate of birth: January 20, 2000
Race: Alaskan Brown Bear
Height: 6 feet 4 inches
Weight: 820 lbs
Hair: Frosted Silvery Brown
Eyes: Golden Brown
Education: Doug Seus


Characterization: Leading Lady
If you took all the sweetness of a little girl, mixed it with everything you imagine to encompass the wilderness and made it into a grizzly bear, you’d have Honey-Bump. She is a contradiction in coyness and claws, one moment stealing your heart with her flirtatious eyes, the next moment giving her big brother Bart a smart left hook! She’s a joy to have in front of the lens, pure poetry in motion!




2000 – Dr. Dolittle 2, 20th Century Fox
2001 – Growing Up Grizzly  with Brad Pitt, Animal Planet
2004 – Growing Up Grizzly 2  with Jennifer Aniston, Animal Planet
2006 – Evan Almighty – Universal Pictures
2010 – ZooKeeper – MGM Studios
2007 – Horse Whisper Legend of Grizzly MT – Horse Whisper Productions




Community Service:
Ambassador Bear for The Vital Ground Foundation
Preserving America’s Wild Heritage


Terrorizing her brother Bart, ballet gymnastics, diving…does a “forward gainer” into her pool